Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels……

Did the California Angels Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim prolong the ineveitable by beating the New York Yankees last night? Only time will tell but what a great weekend for sports it is going to be. That game, or games, college football, and pro football. If Yankees don’t close it out on Saturday, all bets […]

The Dodgers……

Did they get whupped by Philly or what last night? Wow. It seems it is a forgone conclusion that they will play the Yankees in the World Series.  Wonder if the Angels have anything to say about that later today?-Dr.FB

Sports Boxers & Briefs 10/19/09 Edition

The Dodgers and Angels over the weekend put themselves in a hole. The Angels moreso down 0-2 to the Yankees play at 1 P.M. and hope to win one today. The Dodgers got walloped last night 11-0 and did the right thing when down 6-0 and started planning for tonight’s game. The Angels cannot go […]

Sports Boxers n Briefs October 12th

The Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, all swept their 1st round opponents in the playoffs while the Phillies took a 2-1 lead over the Colorado Rockies. The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots in an overtime thriller by 2 top teams. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Kansas City Chiefs in an overtime thriller as well, where […]

Sports Boxers n Briefs Baseball Playoff Edition

All of the home teams won in the first day of baseball playoffs. The Phillies, Yankees, and surprise surprise, the Dodgers beat the Cardinals, who are favored to win.  We had to hear how Carpenter was undefeated against the Dodgers. Now, we can hear how he is undefeated against the Dodgers….in the regular season only…… […]