Madonna Goes Back To The 80’s

Madonna attended the Costume event at the Met last night but took the word costume to a whole different level. While everyone made glam appearances, Madonna had something that looked like the world’s biggest scrunchie in her hair along with a green corset(?) dress with those oh so muscular arms of her showing.  This is […]

Madonna Leaves London: Breaks Silence

Madonna and daughter Lourdes are leaving London for….well, who knows? Madonna has been maintaining a high profile since she was turned down to adopt Malawian baby Mercy. She has remained silent…until now. She spoke with a Malawian newspaper yesterday and had this to say: “I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family […]

Madonna Denied Adoption Request

Madonna has been rejected for the adoption of Malawian baby Mercy. The judge decided the orphanage was a better place for the child than Madonna. Will Madonna challenge the ruling later today?-Dr.FB