Madonna Goes Back To The 80’s

Guy Oseary and Madonna At The Met.  Photo:

Guy Oseary and Madonna At The Met. Photo:

Madonna attended the Costume event at the Met last night but took the word costume to a whole different level.

While everyone made glam appearances, Madonna had something that looked like the world’s biggest scrunchie in her hair along with a green corset(?) dress with those oh so muscular arms of her showing. 

This is supposed to be the Madonna of today dressed as the Madonna of the 80’s right?  The return of the cross n the scrunchie ala “Lucky Star” video, right?  Is it still hot?  I think if her daughter Lourdis wore something close to that, we might think it’s hot. 

This is one reason why stars of the 80’s should not wear the outfits they wore then now.-Dr.FB




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