Debi Nova Is One To Watch As She Ignites Viper Room

Debi Nova. Photo Taken by Dr. Funkenberry
Debi Nova. Photo Taken by Dr. Funkenberry

Debi Nova. Photo Taken by Dr. Funkenberry

 Debi Nova performed a 7 song showcase at The Viper Room in Los Angeles March 25th, 2010 and it was pure fire as she ignited the Hollywood crowd.

Debi has it all; the looks, the voice, and the talent.  In her set, she mezmorized me with her voice and surprised me by playing keyboards and acoustic guitar. 

Straight up, her Spanish/English Hybrid debut Luna Nueva is going to be great.  You know I am all about breaking artists on this site and I am telling you right now, Debi Nova is going to be ONE to watch. 

She is incredibly sweet as much as she is talented. 

Remember the name: Debi Nova. 

You will be hearing more from her on this site and everywhere soon.  Enjoy the clips I videotaped exclusively for you.-Dr.FB


Debi Nova Talks Spanglish & More!~

Check out the interview above for Debi Nova's recent interview with MTV.com's "The 5" where she talks about her new CD "Luna Nueva", surfing, Spanglish, and her passion for songwriting and performing.

Also, if you missed it, Drfunkenberry.com Interviewed Debi Nova recently as well and you should check it out as well. 

Baile. Baile Debi!-Dr.FB