Debi Nova Is One To Watch As She Ignites Viper Room

Debi Nova. Photo Taken by Dr. Funkenberry

Debi Nova. Photo Taken by Dr. Funkenberry

 Debi Nova performed a 7 song showcase at The Viper Room in Los Angeles March 25th, 2010 and it was pure fire as she ignited the Hollywood crowd.

Debi has it all; the looks, the voice, and the talent.  In her set, she mezmorized me with her voice and surprised me by playing keyboards and acoustic guitar. 

Straight up, her Spanish/English Hybrid debut Luna Nueva is going to be great.  You know I am all about breaking artists on this site and I am telling you right now, Debi Nova is going to be ONE to watch. 

She is incredibly sweet as much as she is talented. 

Remember the name: Debi Nova. 

You will be hearing more from her on this site and everywhere soon.  Enjoy the clips I videotaped exclusively for you.-Dr.FB



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  • Victor
    Posted at 15:33h, 27 September

    Doc you are right; She is pure talent! Amazing new artist.

  • jbkaz
    Posted at 05:47h, 29 March

    And so what ? I’m not impressed. Déjà vu!

  • Georgie
    Posted at 05:15h, 29 March

    Yeah she’s good & should make it big! Both songs are very nice, especially Drummer Boy & the bands image is cool.
    My only critisism is that if she’s going to wear itsy bitsy feminine dresses she’s got to wear them properly, not sat strumming away with her legs all alkimbo!

  • Kojack
    Posted at 04:31h, 27 March

    That is some really great video of her!

  • lola
    Posted at 00:24h, 27 March

    LENNNNNYYY…oops sorry. but someone mentioned lenny…i got excited 🙂

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  • Rican
    Posted at 11:13h, 26 March

    Ahhh. The beautiful Debi Nova for Costa Rica. Nice thing to wake up to in the morning.

    Thanks Doc.

  • Tee
    Posted at 07:22h, 26 March

    Holy smoke@!

    OK, I thought this girl was hot but she plays?????? Keyboards as well you say? Wow, she can sing live too.

    I am impressed you know about her Doc Funk and glad it’s you helping promote her.

    Her band sounds tight too. Wow.

  • Hawtie
    Posted at 07:14h, 26 March

    Wow, she is hot!

    Doc, if you say she is where it’s at, then I believe you.

    Honestly Doc, I did not take Lady Gaga seriously til you started posting about her. Since then, whoever you have stood behind, I have checked out from Justin Bieber to AFI to Orianthi, who it seems her song started getting played everywhere after your interview. What are the odds?

    You even have me excited about the next Lenny Kravitz record when I thought he was over.

    Your music news is always n point and your celebrity news has been crazy lately. You really have been on top of the Sandra Bullock story from the start. I know you hate things ranging off topic, so will reel it in.

    Been playing Debi’s clips while typing this and I want more!

    Thanks Doc for bringing Debi to my attention!


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