PRINCE Gives Cable MSNBC Show A Theme Song

PRINCE Photo: 3rdEyeGirl.com

PRINCE has given Tamron Hall’s News Nation, a show that airs on MSNBC from 2-3 P.M. Eastern time, a theme song for the show.

The song is "17" that PRINCE released under the Madhouse name on the 1-800-New Funk CD back in the day. So although it is not new, it is VERY cool that they were given permission to use the song and are using it.

We have learned that the News Nation song (17) was given to them FREE of charge...PRINCE receives NO money from it.

To listen to a clip of the song used during MSNBC's show, click HERE.

Didn't Bryant Gumbel turn down a PRINCE song for his show before?

In the words of Julia Roberts from "Pretty Woman", Bryant; "Big mistake.  Huge!"-DocFB

Diagnosis:  MSNBC scored some cool points there....