Christina Applegate Talks “Married With Children” Reunion

Christina Applegate is having success with her new show "Up All Night" but she can't escape the role that put her on the map; Kelly Bundy.

The entire "Married With Children" Bundy family is having major success. From Katey Sagal winning a Golden Globe to David Faustino's L.A. night club success to Ed O'Neil ruling on Modern Family.

While on Jimmy Kimmel, Christina talked about the success but that they have not exactly talked outside of a photo shoot they did last year.

She does seem welcome to it and who knows; it might just happen on one of their shows.  How cool would that be?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Where's Buck?


Jennifer Grey Competes Against Herself On TV

Jennifer Grey was competing against herself last night by appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" and on the Fox show "House" at the same time.

She performed "Love & Marriage" the theme to the TV show "Married With Children" and followed the theme to perfection.  The dance was safe again which worries me as no chances are being taken. 

Also worrisome is the vibe that her and her partner Derek Hough, who got into a little tiff this week while rehearsing.

Check out the video above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Modern Family Is Critics Fav New Show

Modern Family On ABC Promo Photo
Modern Family On ABC Promo Photo

Modern Family On ABC Promo Photo

ModernFamily is off to a great start with good reviews. I have to get on ABC shows early and help with promotion because of ABC's recent status of cancelling shows before they grow into mega-hits.

It stars Ed O'Neil from Married With Children and the hotness that is Sofia Vergara along with the gay couple Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and , Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), has just adopted a baby girl from Vietnam. They are one of the stand-outs on the show and are going to definitely going to be scene stealer's for sure.

Here is a full review. Will you be watching it?-Dr.FB