A “Friends” Reunion? Not Happening!

Friends Photo: NBC.com

Those rumors of a "Friends" reunion? Yea, it is not happening according to the co-creator of the super huge television show.

Marta Kauffman states that “I’m going to clear this up- it’s not happening. It’s not true.”

So those hoping to see Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer again, will just have to wait a little bit longer. Or perhaps it will never happen.

Above is a blooper real of all the seasons of "Friends" where they will live in repeats forever.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I'll There For U....


Matthew Perry Rips “2 And A Half Men” Star Angus T. Jones In New “Funny Or Die” Parody

Matthew Perry's Testimony (Pt.2) from Matthew Perry

We knew an Angus T. Jones Parody couldn't be too far behind and our favorite "Friend" Matthew Perry delivered and then some.

He starts off by stating no one should watch his new show "Go On" and said he made a video like this for "Studio 60" urging people not to watch it then and said the video was mega-successful since NO ONE watched that show!

He stated he is going to be like Angus T. Jones must be doing for slamming his show and give back all the money he has made from "Go On", and "Studio 60" and other shows. He is then asked if he is going to give back the money he made from "Friends" and his response is PRICELESS!

Check out the comedy gold above from Matthew Perry.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Suck on that Angus!


Nick Jonas Honored For Diabetic Awareness

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com
Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Nick Jonas played a punk teen pop star on "Mr. Sunshine" With Matthew Perry a few weeks ago, but he appears to be nothing like that in real life.  Thank God.

Nick Jonas was honored at the 6th Annual Carnival For A Cure in New York City on Sunday.  He accepted an award honoring him for bringing awareness to Diabetes and improving life from those suffering from the disease. 

Before the ceremony, Nick stated; “I’m looking forward to attending and sharing my story about how diabetes hasn’t slowed me down.”

The Diabetes Research Institute was glad to have Nick there.  I am glad for both Nick and the DRI as they are actually trying to find a cure for diabetes.

As some of you know, I suffer from Diabetes type 2 and have been vocal about it.  It really is a silent disease that even your close loved ones cannot detect. 

Much love to Nick Jonas & the Diabetic Research Institute.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Diabetic Deaths Are On The Rise


Matthew Perry To Join “Lost” Cast?

Matthew Perry To Get Lost?  File Photo

Matthew Perry To Get Lost?  File Photo

Is a "Friend" about to get "Lost"? 

We are hearing that Matthew Perry is going to be on 2 upcoming episodes of "Lost".  So far, no one has confirmed or denied this. 

The former Friends star is also in 17 Again with Zac Efron opening on Friday.-Dr.FB