Micha Barton Out Of Psych Ward

Micha Barton File Photo

Micha Barton File Photo

Micha Barton is out of the psych ward and the hospital and is going about her life. She even will be returning to work on Friday filming "The Beautiful Life" for the CW.

Let's be honest here; if the MJ coverage was not still going on, this story would have been HUGE. A young starlet gets checked into a psych ward and nothing? I can guarantee you Hollywood is chilling on any stories, major announcements til after Michael Jackson's autopsy. It is not even this slow in Hollywood after the Oscars.

We are happy that Micha is going back to work and hope she gets back on track and I hope that Hollywood news gets shocking and entertaining and fun again. For Micha, this was a good thing because not too many people heard about it. For PR people and stars assistant's, it was a sign that your story is not going to get the top headlines for a while.-Dr.FB