Reviews: Prince’s Pulls A Trifecta At The House of Blues

House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.
House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.

House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.

Prince pulled a trifecta at the House of Blues Wednesday night, providing over 8 hours of rock, funk, and soul that entertained, mesmerized, frustrated, and added to Prince's legend as the greatest living live musician of all time.

Prince took the stage after 9 P.M. and the upstairs area had more star power than American Idol that night with Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Dan Akroyd, Dr. Cornel West, Sanna Hamri,Tavis Smiley, Charlie Sheen, David Spade, Kelis, and later in the night, Bono.

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Prince Likes To Do That Conga

777 9311 Chick Hearn Court has been a popular hang out spot for Prince lately.  What? Did you think we were gonna talk about the Miami Sound Machine?

2 Friday's ago, Prince made an appearance at the Conga Room where he checked out Mike Phillips & Brian Culbertson perform after midnight.  There were rumors that the funk man was going to perform with the  band, but something didn't smell right, don't know if it was my buddies cologne or what, but we knew it wouldn't happen and it didn't but while Prince was in the VIP section, Mr. Hayes from his band "The NPG" did get up on stage and solo.

Then the purple one was seen rooting for KG & the Gang Green of the Boston Celtics against The Dr's Lakers.  We may have bounced Kevin Garnett like it was the Wolves in the first....round of the playoffs that is, but something tells me Prince might be celebrating another championship by the former Minnesota player round June.

Last Friday night, Prince returned to the Conga Room to check out the mixings of DJ Rashida & Viktor Duplaix.  The crowd was in for a surprise as his longtime friend Sheila E. guested on stage, belting out "The Glamourous Life" and several other songs in the mix.  The place was packed and jumping, you woulda thought it was 1984 instead of 25 years later.  Truth be told, music n funk that good just doesn't age, it keeps it's freshness long after other songs rise and fall off the charts n out of our hearts. Even Earth Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey got on the stix at one point.

Prince was also seen briefly at Bardot as well over the weekend in Hollywood with Bria Valente who dropped a song on us during that time. 

With all that is going on, it sure looks like 2009 is gonna be mighty fine!-Dr.FB