Russell Brand Wants None Of Katy Perry’s $$$$

In new divorce papers filed yesterday, Russell Brand is letting Katy perry know he wants none of her money. With no prenup, Russell could have been entitled to $20 million. Katy Perry made close to $44 million while her and Russell were married for 14 months.  He was entitled to half but wants nothing to […]

Michael Vick Signs With The Eagles

Michael Vick

Wow. An NFL team actually signed Michael Vick. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a two year contract.  Guess we know now where PETA will be protesting. He will get $1.6 million this year and if they resign him, $5.2 million next year. Michael Vick served 23 months in prison for the killing of […]

Michael Jackson Update: AEG Out “30 Million”

Katherine Jackson won and Michael Jackson will be buried soon at Forest Lawn. The brothers were hoping to bury him at Neverland and make money off of him by making Neverland an attraction. Gotta love family, right? Also, AEG’s iron clad insurance policy they took out on Michael before his death isn’t so iron clad […]