Russell Brand Wants None Of Katy Perry’s $$$$

Katy Perry & Russell Brand.  Photo: Fame Pictures.com

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: Fame Pictures.com

In new divorce papers filed yesterday, Russell Brand is letting Katy perry know he wants none of her money. With no prenup, Russell could have been entitled to $20 million.

Katy Perry made close to $44 million while her and Russell were married for 14 months.  He was entitled to half but wants nothing to do with her money at all.  The new documents were filed for the reason of not wanting the pot split.

We here the divorce has been amicable and not dirty at all.  Russell just wants it to be over.

The divorce will become final on June 30th.-DocFB

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  1. That doesnt surprise me tbh, its a shame it didnt work out, he seems like a genuinely nice guy (when I’ve spoken to him).

  2. Russell Brand >>>>>> Katy Perry

  3. Glad to hear. I’ll be checking him out Monday at the Largo

  4. He is a class act for that. That is a lot of money to give up. Its rare that a man have the chance to collect that much money from a divorce settlement. My hat goes off to him. Because I know I wouldn’t have walked away from it..Plus I kind of felt sorry for her. her career just took off while they were together. She earned every bit of that money. But if the shoe was on the other foot I bet she would have took his money.

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