Sandra Bullock Goes Ahead With Divorce Plans?

Sandra Bullock.
Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock. Photo:GettyImages.com

Although her reps are denying it, it looks like Sandra Bullock is set to file for divorce and has put things in motion to do so. 

She has no plans to return to the home that she and Jesse James have shared as long as he is living there. 

With 4 mistresses and the rumors of several more, Sandra believes the relationship and marriage is beyond repair.  Can you blame her?

This is not like Elin who had kids to worry about as Tiger Woods cheated on her.  Straight up, this situation is sad.  I have to cover it however, and hopefully, I am handling it with some class.......-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Mistress Collectible Plates

This is Highlarious. Tiger Woods collectible mistress  plates? Oh my! Go on Jimmy Kimmel & Billy Dee Williams.-Dr.FB