Number 1? Bria Valente & Prince Make An Interesting Bet

Bria Valente To Appear On Tavis Smiley.  Photo By....


We just received word* that Bria Valente and Prince have a gentlewoman's bet going on in need of resolution....

Despite the discriminatory practices of the music industry with regards to Prince for the past decade or so, Ms Valente has ALWAYS believed that their CD would enter the Billboard chart at NUMERO UNO.  Extremely high hopes for a BRAND NEW ARTIST like herself but early calculations show she may indeed get her wish!

This is where it gets interesting, everyone....

IF the CD does debut there, Prince has promised her a bash to end all bashes at a location of her choice.  I am gonna say this, our spies will not rest until we find out what Prince gets if Bria loses the bet.  I know this male mind short-circuits at the mere thought of the FINAL outcome!

We will keep you posted!-Dr.FB

*(Perhaps from a no-name reporter)