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Chaka Khan Gains Temporary Custody Of Granddaughter

Chaka Khan 2011

Chaka Khan has won temporary custody of her 10-year-old granddaughter because the girls parents are drug addicts. Chaka says she has already assumed day-to-day control of the child and filed for custody last week.  What is interesting is that the mother who is the drug addict is in the same house as Chaka and the granddaughter. Chaka’s sister Tammy McCrary also […]

Music Legend Lena Horne Passes Away

Lena Horne File Photo

Music legend Lena Horne has passed away at the age of 92.  Her voice was as sexy as her beauty and her acting. She passed away at a New York hospital.  In the 1940’s, Lena was one of the first black artists to play at the Copacabana.  In 1943, she starred in “Stormy Weather” and […]