SNL Recap: Justin Bieber Hosts; Apologizes For Smoking Weed

Justin Bieber Photo: SNL.com

Justin Bieber hosted and was musical guest last night where he took time in a skit to say that he sorry for smoking weed.

On a skit, he was pretending to be the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club and said that "Justin Bieber is really, really sorry for smoking weed and will never do it again. The SNL cast member pretending to be Cyrus said "Yea, me too!" prompting that Justin most likely does not plan to be caught again.

The opening monologue had Whoopi Goldberg on as Justin tried to celebrate Valentine's Day and Black History Month. For that clip and to see him perform, click on the continue reading button below!


Smoking! Justin Bieber Set To Host & Perform On Saturday Night Live

Justin Bieber.  Photo:  Scott Council for Vibe

Maybe Justin Bieber's pediatrician prescribed him the weed he allegedly smokes. No maybe's about it that Justin Bieber will be the host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live on Feb. 9th 2013.

Keep in mind that the Grammy Awards are on Feb. 10th. With Justin having no Grammy nominations surprisingly, he was available that weekend.

We wonder if Justin will poke fun at the photos circulating of him holding a blunt last week.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who is more upset about Bieber holding the weed; his 13 year old fans or the parents of the 13 year old fans?-DocFB


Bruno Mars Set To Be Host & Musical Guest Of SNL! Watch The Promos!

Bruno Mars is all set to be not only the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend but the show's host.

The singer who's new album "Unorthodox Jukebox" is set for release on 12/11/12 is obviously getting the acting bug.

I believe the last musical guest and host was Katy Perry. Her hosting gig was a success but did not pan out on her first feature film earlier this year, where she played herself. Her recurring role on the comedy "Raising Hope" however has been funny.

Check out the promo's that Bruno Mars cut with SNL cast regular Fred Armisen as they try to figure out what a triple threat is. Also, an appearance by Bruno's evil twin is in store.-DocFB

Diagnosis: From Doo-Wop to Comedy? We will see....


Ryan Reynolds To Host SNL With Lady Gaga

Ryan Reynolds & LadyGaga. Photo: Zap2it.com
Ryan Reynolds & LadyGaga. Photo: Zap2it.com

Ryan Reynolds & LadyGaga. Photo: Zap2it.com

Just knowing this is making me forget how whack Saturday Night Live with Megan Fox and U2 was. Yes she is hot, but she never made me care for any skit she was in. Next week, I will not have that problem.

Ryan Reynolds will be hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest, the wacky outfitted but musically talented Lady Gaga. U2 just doesn't do it for me. I have never seen them live but their music hasn't moved since 2001. Gaga will be performing a brand new song on the show.

Ryan is too cool for school and will provide the laughs while bringing the sexy, something Megan needs help in.  Lady Gaga will bring us a WTF, even if she surprises us and just shows up wearing something normal but still kills it. Like that will happen.

Will you be watching?-Dr.FB