Mystery Girl

Name That Mystery Girl Italian Edition

it’s time for name that mystery girl and this time, we are going to put an international flavor on it.  This Italian actress has been bathing in the rays of Florida over the holiday. Can you name her?  Follow me to find out>>>

Name The Mystery Girl

Can you name the movie star who spent the weekend in St. Barts.  She is used to making an ass out of herself but this time, it might be a good thing. To find out who it is, jump with me >>>>

Robert Pattinson Has A Girlfriend?

Robert Pattinson may be OTM.  He was shot with a mystery girl in Beverly Hills over the weekend.  Nothing is known about the girl except she left with Robert from where he was staying, the Beverly Hills Hotel. Did we just hear 7 million young girls scream “Noooooo!”?  I think we just did.-Dr.FB