Lady Gaga Is Bulletproof

Wearing a look that we hope NEVER comes in fashion is Lady Gaga yet again. This time, she is wearing a hoody and necklace made of bullets. Take a close look.  Yup. Those are bullets. Pure genius? Nope. Fashion icon? Nope.  Crazy woman? Yup. Extremely talented performer? Yup. Well, she does have the bullets if […]

Eminem Chills With Travis Barker, Gets Robbed

Monday before the Wiltern show with Jay Z and DJ Am, Eminem stopped by Travis Barker’s store Fast Life. Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards, Em’s hotel room was broken into and they jacked his lap top and a necklace worth 60,000! 60 grand? What was it made out of? Diamonds from the tomb […]