Aerosmith Split Appears To Be True

Aerosmith. Photo: Bejacksfriend.com
Aerosmith. Photo: Bejacksfriend.com

Aerosmith. Photo: Bejacksfriend.com

 Say it ain't so Joe!  Joe Perry, the guitarist of Aerosmith announced on his Twitter page they are "positively looking for a new singer to work with" as the rift with Steven Tyler is becoming too huge to deal with.

Steven Tyler has not communicated with the band in months and says he wants to go after solo projects, stuff he has said years ago but never really did.  They had to cut their tour short in August as Steven broke his leg.  The rift may have started or took a serious blow as no band members went with him to the hospital.

They did perform overseas earlier this month but Steven said he would be focusing on "Brand Tyler" in the future.  Steven Tyler's family is pissed that Joe has taken the feud public via twitter. 

Straight up, Aerosmith still rocks, even though they are in or close to their 60's, they still rock.  Even though they have not had a new studio album, they still rock.  Aerosmith is Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.  You cannot replace legends like that. 

Maybe some time apart would be best for everyone and not be so quick to try to replace a Rock n Roll Hall of Famer.-Dr.FB