New York Premiere

Emma Watson Dazzles At Deathly Hallows NY Premiere!

Emma Watson. Photo:

Emma Watson may have been a little girl when taking on the first Harry Potter movie of the franchise.  However, she has grown into a woman in front of our very eyes.  A very beautiful woman, mind you. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY HERE>>>>>>

Video: Sex & The City 2 Premiere Covered By Ross

OK, I have to admit, I have completely sucked on coverage of “Sex & The City 2” lately. Hopefully, this clip can make up for it a little bit. Jay Leno sent Ross Matthews to the New York Premiere for the Tonight Show.  This is part 2 of it that features all the stars of […]

New Moon New York Premiere

Here are photos of the main characters from “Twilight: The New Moon Saga” premiere in New York last night.  There is really nothing more I can add to this.  You are either seeing this movie this weekend or sometime in the future or not.  Expect to hear record November numbers for the movie at the […]

Harry Potter Cast Ready For Half-Blood Promotion

The stars of “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince” were at a press shoot Monday for the film which has the sad fact of having it’s London Premiere the same day as the Memorial Service for Michael Jackson. Rupert Grint  wore his Friday night 1 A.M. best and Daniel Radcliffe wore an outfit George Michael […]