Dear John Knocks Avatar From Number #1

Dear John Promo
Dear John Promo

Dear John Promo: Photo: Scott Garfield

Channing Tatum took on Avatar and won.  Despite rancid reviews early on, "Dear John" was box office king this weekend, ending "Avatar's" reign.

Dear John's makers figured the movie would make around $20 million, seriously underestimating as the movie made around 32 million.  What were they not expecting?

An audience that was over 80 percent female and a HUGE turnout of women under 21.  Come on.  How could they not expect it? Super Bowl weekend and it is a Nicholas Sparks novel.  His stories being turned into movies have made "A Walk To Remember" and "The Notebook" but also made the bomb wit Richard Gere. 

Bottom line: as long as his books/movies have young actors starring in them, they will be successful.

So look for "One Song" with Miley Cyrus to do very well soon.  In that time, if you do pick up a Nicholas Sparks novel, be warned. That dude will have you crying by the end of one of his stories.


Miley Cyrus One Step Closer To Oscar Ambitions

Miley Cyrus Oscar Ambitions.  File Photo
Miley Cyrus Oscar Ambitions.  File Photo

Miley Cyrus Oscar Ambitions. File Photo

2 #1 movies.  "Bolt" voice over and "Hanna Montana: The Movie".  Both have now given Miley Cyrus serious clout. 

Next on the horizon is a movie based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks.  Yes, that Nicholas Sparks of "The Notebook" fame.  The movie is titled "Last Song" and will be Miley's first drama.

Her Oscar aspirations had several fools laughing.  No way are we saying she will be an Oscar winner in the next year or two Miley gets the 2nd worst press next to Lindsay Slowhands Lohan and unlike Lindsay, still continues to work and succeed. 

So try to beat her rep down like it's dating Chris Brown, she takes the hits and keeps coming.-Dr.FB


Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gossling Call It Quits….Again

During Happier Times.  File Photo
During Happier Times.  File Photo

During Happier Times. File Photo

The chapter ends on this story of the Notebook as on again off again on again couple Ryan Gossling & Rachel McAdams appear to be off-again.

The couple reconciled early last month and were trying to make it work.  They met on set of the Nicholas Spark's novem the Notebook and have been together since.

We wish nothing for the best for both.-Dr.FB