NRJ Awards

Ke$ha Is Money At NRJ Awards

Ke$ha NRJ Awards

Ke$ha wiped that stuff she had on her eye at the NRJ Awards this weekend in Cannes, France and she looked great! Girl does clean up well when she wants to.  Maybe she doesn’t brush her teeth with Jack Daniels.  We kid, Ke$ha, we kid.  Tik Tok, your time is still not up.-Dr.FB

Rihanna’s Dress Has It’s Moments


I was all set to talk about how great Rihanna looked at the NRJ Awards in France over the weekend…..til I saw the full dress.  God Awful.  I mean what a great top of the dress but the bottom?  What the heck is that?  Pants? What the what?  I swear. From hot to soooooo not.  […]