Introducing Sky Ferreira “One” Rehearsal

Sky Ferreira is a new up and coming singer who is having people produce for her that produce for Britney Spears and Madonna. Why is she getting so much attention? The 18 year old singer and songwriter shows us her talent belting out “One” in a hotel room on 2 hours sleep.  Her current song […]

Mariah Flinches; Pushes CD Back Further

So is she worried about Whitney or does the CD really need more post-production? Me thinks she is worried about Whitney so it does need post-production. The CD is now slated for late September. She has dropped out of the Today Show and is being replaced by Miley Cyrus and has even dropped out of the […]

Mariah Carey & Prince Know It’s Showtime When It Comes To The Apollo

Mariah Carey arrived with style at the red carpet of the 75th Anniversary of the Apollo Theatre.  She looked stunning. Prince was an unannounced special guest.  In fact, the lights went down on stage and then appeared with him center stage where he got one of the loudest cheers of the night.  Prince then introduced […]