OneRepublic Perform “Secrets” On Rachel Ray

OneRepublic really is going everywhere to bring "Secrets" to the masses. This time, they performed on Rachel Ray.

Although featured in the previews for "Love & Other Drugs" the song did not make it into the movie.

Still, a great song.  Check out the performance above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video: Bruno Mars Grammy Performance Of “Just The Way You Are”

Bruno Mars had his coming out party last night at the Grammy Nominations Special. He performed his monster hit "Just The Way You Are" and he nailed it.

You know this song holds a special place in the Doc's heart....yes..he actually has one. 

We are very happy for Bruno. From touring with Maroon5 and OneRepublic, he has put himself into the spotlight, and this time not for getting busted in a Las Vegas bathroom with coke.  I had to bring that up so you know that we know and we haven't forgotten.

Congrats to Bruno Mars on his nomination and here is hoping in a year that sees a lot of competition, he walks away with a few.-Dr.FB


OneRepublic: Coming To A Theatre Near You!

OK, we take a little bit of pride on this because we have been all about "Secrets" and OneRepublic for a while now.

"Secrets" has been picked up and is being used in the trailer for "Love & Other Drugs" starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The movie looks good and we can only hope that "Secrets" is in the movie as well. 

Congrats to our boys OneRepublic and look forward to seeing you again!

Check out the trailer above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video: OneRepublic Perform “Secrets” At The Greek Theatre

OneRepublic performed with Maroon5 over the weekend at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles over the weekend and performed "Secrets" in their amazing set.

The sound was great at the Greek and it helps an up and coming band like OneRepublic when you can hear them peform to the best of their ability. 

I dig "Secrets" almost as much as their first major hit "Apologize" and wanted to share this live performance with you.

Check it out above and let me know what you think.  If you can, check out OneRepublic and Maroon5 live.  You will have a great time.  It's no secret.-Dr.FB


Video: Maroon5 Live At The Greek “She Will Be Loved”

OK, I saw Maroon5 and OneRepublic at The Greek Theatre over the weekend and both were AMAZING!  Bruno Mars was supposed to be there but was performing on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Regardless, Adam Levine and the boys of Maroon5 brought it and took it to the Greek.

Here is one of my favorite songs by them "She Will Be Loved" from Friday's show and stage side.  I also liked the crowd participation.

Also, we are still giving away a copy of Maroon5's new CD signed by the entire band.  To enter the contest, go HERE!

P.S., when you have a chance, check out Maroon5 and OneRepublic on tour by you!-Dr.FB


OneRepublic Performs “Secrets” For Iheartradio

OneRepublic recently recorded a special for Iheartradio and performed the under appreciated "Secrets" at the show.

OneRepublic is about to go on tour with Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars so maybe, just maybe, you will be grooving to this song live very soon.

Check it out above funkenbabies.-Dr.FB


Behind The Scenes Of OneRepublic’s “Secrets” Video

Here is some behind the scenes footage of "Secrets" by OneRepublic and the full completed video below.  The director Christopher Sims and the actress Nora Tschirner along with lead singer Ryan Tedder give you a peak into the making of the video.

Let me know what you think of the feature and the full video by OneRepublic.-Dr.FB