R&B Singer D’Angelo Busted For Soliciting An Officer



How does it feel?  D'angelo got busted late last night in the West Village of New York trying to pick up a prostitute who actually turned out to be a cop.

He offered the cop $ 40 bucks for a BJ and was then arrested.

Michael Archer, D'angelo's real name, car was searched, an expensive Range Rover that had $12 grand inside.

D'angelo was busted in 2005 in his home state of Virginia for driving without a license and being under the influence.

It seems the man in recent years is having more hits on his record then on any chart.  What a waste of talent.-Dr.FB


After DUI Arrest & Releases, Charles Barkley Stays Silent

Is Charles Smiling Now?  File Photo
Is Charles Smiling Now?  File Photo

Is Charles Smiling Now? File Photo

Sir Charles Barkley was arrested new years eve in Arizona for a DUI.  If only Charles was silent then as he was now, he might not be so much lighter in the pockets.

Charles started talking to the officers about a girl was around the corner that gives the best oral sex ever.  He went on and on about it, maybe thinking the cops would be cool about it, but they were not.  They arrested him and released him a little bit later.

There even appeared footage of a woman waiting around the corner, looking like either a hooker or street walker, or both. 

After the results came back that he was drunk and twice the legal limit of Arizona state law, TNT suspended Charles for several weeks.  T-Mobile waited a little while longer, but then let Charles go from his commercial deal.  Wonder what Dwayne Wade thinks.  Well, actually he has his hands full with an ex-wife and STD claims.  But that is another story.

So what did Charles teach us? If you get drunk and the officer says you have the right to remain silent, maybe you just should.-Dr.FB