Prince Oscar Afterparty Update

Ok everyone.  Hope you had a great day. I could go on but that's not really why you are reading this is it? ;)

So here is the up to date deal along with the seal of don't shoot the messenger;

Expect the concert to start around midnight on Sunday.

There was a little bit of drama going on with the venue and wanting it to be free for the the fans is just not do-able.  It was tried and asked but did not happen. Some of these things sometimes are clusterf*&#@, but always works out in the end and is def worth it.

Fans will have the opprotunity to purchase tickets.  I word it like that because plain and simple, these parties are usually good at delivering a good butt-whupping of funk.  I do not know price yet but you know as soon as I know, I will let you all know.  I can tell you what price sho sound good to me.

I would HIGHLY recommend this for people in Los Angeles and surrounding cities only.  These things are fickle plans can change at the drop of a hat, and to fricken fly here on a whim...well you better have back up plans.

That is your decision and yours only.  You don't know how many tickets are going to be sold or how many people would be allowed in. Just saying straight out, there will be enough L.A. fans and celebs fighting for those spots.  We clear n cool?  Cool.

Let's see..am I forgetting something....



Where It's At?  Man, that's a good song by Beck.  ;) ..........Oh chill, you know the doctor may tease but in the end I like to please.....

I have said too much already but I will have more news coming up. When it hits my Blackberry Funkenberry, you all will know.

On that note, to the limo pookie!-Dr.FB