Report: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Rushed To Hospital; Possible Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson Photo: AceShowBiz.com

Not digging reporting this. At all. Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital early this morning in what is being reported as a suicide attempt.

Update: Katherine Jackson's attorney is telling media outlets that "Paris is physically fine and is getting medical attention."

Update: The suicide attempt may have been made because the family was denying her to be able to see Marilyn Manson in concert this Thursday.

Update: Paris has tried attempting suicide before but this attempt was far more serious.-Jackson source to TMZ

Update: Debbie Rowe has confirmed the suicide attempt with ETONLINE.COM

The news comes from TMZ, who has contacts within the Jackson family.

In the 911 call it was reported as an overdose and that there was cutting on her on her wrist or wrists.

TMZ is also sourcing cryptic tweets last night but I really don't feel quoting the Beatles is a cryptic tweet, do you Harvey?


We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses.

The only thing we have right now is the Jackson contact is telling TMZ she is OK.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speechless......Get well Paris.


Janet Jackson: Paris Should Enjoy Being Young & Not Act

Janet Jackson was on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and talked about her niece Paris Jackson and her acting career.

Janet feels she should enjoy her youth as she is only young once. Janet feels after she is 18, she can act and just enjoy being young.

Janet is obviously speaking from experience as her and her brother Michael Jackson and his brothers started in entertainment at a very young age.

We wonder if Michael were alive what he would want for Paris?

What do you think of Janet's advice for Paris?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Should she really have talked about it on TV? These Jacksons.


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Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry

Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry

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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris, Chased By Paparazzi

Paris Jackson. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Paris Jackson. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Paris Jackson. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

This is so not cool.  Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, was being chased by paparazzi earlier today.  The incident happened earlier today where it is being reported they ran several red lights in order to catch up to the  Jackson.  The photo above of Paris was taken last month and not from the incident.

Were the paps arrested? READ MORE HERE>>>

They were pulled over for reckless driving because of chasing her but because the cops did not see the incident, after they were handcuffed, they were let go. 

A crime report was filled out and forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney for possible prosecution.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not My Type Of Thriller

Update:  No incident report will be filled due to lack of evidence.  Paris can sue them herselves if she wants to.


Michael Jackson’s Children Chill In Vegas

Paris Jackson and Prince Michael III along with "Blanket" were spotted at the Palms Hotel & Casino, having fun by the pool. They were there with Katherine Jackson.

Several photos have leaked of Paris shopping and other things but for now, I have decided not to get the photos.

Jermaine Jackson was in Vegas well, attending the Depeche Mode concert at the Pearl Theatre in Vegas. Wonder when Depeche sang "It's No Good", if it was directed to Jermaine's tribute concerts set for later this year.-Dr.FB