Lindsay Lohan Makes Another Smart Decision. Ahem.

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

Lindsay Lohan is doing another photo shoot and this time, she posed with a gun to her mouth.  I think I remember her doing that one time before.  This photo was posted late last night on Twitter and she may not have been able to party but one has to wonder when she will work again? She […]

Scene And Heard: The Bush & Paris

Reggie Bush fresh off of a break-up with Kim Kardashian was seen in Vegas partying with Paris Hilton.  Not exactly smart to be partying with your ex’s mortal enemy is it? We have no deets yet if they got close or anything but if Reggie really broke up with Kim because of all the media […]

Kate Moss Goes Blonde; Doesn’t Help

Kate Moss.

Kate Moss stepped out in London last night sporting a blonde look. Not an improvement.  What would be an improvement?  Stop looking like you have been partying nonstop for 3 days.-Dr.FB

Lindsay Parties The Weekend Away

Lindsay Lohan was partying it up this weekend yet again, even spending the night at “friend” actor Jason Segel’s house. Paps followed her to his house and she tried to fool them by twittering that paps are hanging outside her friends house but she is not even really there.  It did not fool them and […]

Lindsay Lohan Likes The Boys Again

Lindsay Lohan was out at the L.A. Club’s last night, looking like she did not want to be shot by the paps. You don’t want to be shot by the paps, you don’t get shot by the paps.  Simple as that.  Should you really be at the club anyway as right now, everyone thinks you […]