Justin Timberlake Almost Gets Beat Down By Paparazzi

Yesterday, while Justin Timberlake was leaving a swanky Beverly Hills Hotel, he was being photographed by paparazzi. Justin called out the pap to step up to him and the pap did. No punches were thrown. Just one of the most uncomfortable stare-downs in quite a while.  It did look like for a moment some “bromance” […]

Megan Fox Shops For Style?

Megan Fox, wearing her weekend best, went shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend. Megan, either dressed for comfort or to fool the paps, was caught shopping at a trendy West Hollywood boutique. I don’t know where she shopped before but I am glad she got the new fedora hat. That other one was so […]

Jon Gosselin Hangs Out With Fashion Douche Christian Audigier

How do you make Kate Gosselin look good? Stand Jon Gosselin next to Christian Audigier. Jon Gosselin visited Christian Audigier on the French Riveria this weekend where Jon is rumored to be doing work for Christian and his douchey Ed Hardy shirts.  About 500,000 guys who go to the gym on a daily basis just […]