Jon Gosselin Hangs Out With Fashion Douche Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier & Jon Gosselin. Photo: BauerGriffen.com
Christian Audigier & Jon Gosselin. Photo: BauerGriffen.com

Christian Audigier & Jon Gosselin. Photo: BauerGriffen.com

How do you make Kate Gosselin look good? Stand Jon Gosselin next to Christian Audigier.

Jon Gosselin visited Christian Audigier on the French Riveria this weekend where Jon is rumored to be doing work for Christian and his douchey Ed Hardy shirts.  About 500,000 guys who go to the gym on a daily basis just said "Hey, those shirts are cool. I own two of them." No, they are not cool.  They are douchey.

Christian is a straight fashion whore.  He dedicated a HUGE bouquet of flowers in front of Staple Center for Michael Jackson's Memorial Service.  The roses were beautiful and it was in the shape of heart with a message for Michael and a photo of him. Christian had to put his name in the rose design just so you know it was him who did it.

Not only that, while driving Sunset Blvd. on Saturday, right above his store, there was a billboard with him and Michael Jackson, letting you know they were friends.  Lame. Tacky. Douchey.

I would only want an Ed Hardy shirt after I took a PHD and needed something to wipe my ass with.-Dr.FB

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  1. i dont like Jon Gosselin, this guy is a womanizer and he just likes to have some publicity.

  2. while the designer is not the best fellow on the plant, Ed Hardy is a relatively respectable fellow and has done quite a bit for modern tattooing but does like millions and millions of dollars. using his name in vain because some French sleaze came up with a way to make a quick buck by using what is basically classic flash is silly.

    besides, Sailor Jerry had much better designs.

  3. Its more about being tacky and seeking attention.

    He loves reality tv n screwed over a friend of the site before.

    I mean seriously, would anyone else fly out Jon for an interview? He just wanted a photo with him. Tacky and you know…douche is too nice of a word for him. Its an insult to summers eve.

  4. eehhhh……i’m thinking you don’t like Christian Audigier??

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