Kim Kardashian Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of The Justin Bieber Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian talks about how she wanted to set Justin Bieber with her younger sister Kendal and Justin was like “Nah, I rather have you, boo” and how they met at the White House Correspondent dinner. Check out some behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot of Kim & the Biebs for Elle Magazine.-Dr.FB

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber Do “The Graduate” In New Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: Elle Magazine

We knew this was happening a few months ago but the photos are hotter than we thought they would be. Justin Bieber teamed out with Kim Kardashian for a photo spread for Elle Magazine, using the movie “The Graduate” as inspiration for the shoot. When Justin & Kim first met at the White House Press Dinner, Kim was […]

Shakira Looking Shexy

Did Shakira have a make over or is she just looking incredibly sexy lately?  Don’t know why but my hips don’t lie. (sic) She was caught leaving a photo shoot in Paris on Tuesday. Shakira is 32 and has never looked better. She is also looking to be a mother and start having children. It is a […]