Jimmy Fallon Not Ready To Talk About PRINCE Ping Pong Incident; + Announcement!

Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Jimmy Fallon taped his show "Late Night" on Friday after getting beat by PRINCE at ping pong the night before. Jimmy still was not wanting to talk about the whooping yet.

At 6:52 in the video above, Jimmy brings out a ping pong ball and doesn't want to say what happened but that Questlove knows and it involves "ping pong, and Prince." Although Jimmy says he will not talk about it yet, Fallon says he will appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on September 20th and will share the story then.

OK, Jimmy. September 20th.

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PRINCE Accepts Fallon’s Ping Pong Challenge! New Album Update & More!


Jimmy Fallon threw down a challenge to Prince and we have learned Prince has accepted. Fallon revealed in an interview with Kristin Scott Thomas that the last time Prince was on "Late Night" they were to play ping pong but it never happened.

Both Prince and Jimmy Fallon have their people talking and the ping pong match WILL take place at an undisclosed location sometime VERY soon and the results will hit the Internet instantly after the contest.

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Kristin Scott Thomas Talks PRINCE On Fallon; Jimmy Challenges Him To “Ping Pong”

Kristin Scott Thomas & Jimmy Fallon Screen Cap MetaCafe.com

Kristin Scott Thomas was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her new movie "Only God Forgives" that also stars Ryan Gosling. Fallon asked her about the moment her life changed; when she met Prince and was casted in his movie "Under The Cherry Moon" in 1986.

Note: The clip was not provided to YouTube so those outside the United States may have trouble seeing the clip as NBC blocks it outside the U.S.

Jimmy then goes on about the first time Prince was to be on the show and they were supposed to play "ping pong" (Table Tennis) and if it was to be on camera or off. We think Jimmy was mistaken the first time when he thought Prince wanted to play "beer pong" with him! Ha.

Jimmy is pretty confident he can beat Prince in ping pong though.

They also talked about "Better With Time" from Lotusflow3r/MPLSound being written about her.

Jimmy LOVES to talk about Prince. So much so he spent more time talking about ping pong than actually interviewing her. Hmm.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The early reviews of "Only God Forgives" have KST out-shining Gosling in the movie. Too bad we didn't know that from the clip above. The stories KST could have told from the set of "Under The Cherry Moon"....man....that would have been cool. Haven't seen that movie in years. Would be nice to see on the big screen somewhere....