Yes, Another One. This Time, The Pittsburgh Steelers Do “Call Me Maybe”

It seems everyone and their grandmother has done a video of "Call Me Maybe" and now you can add the Pittsburgh Steelers to that list.

It is almost Fall, we need a new song to do this to. I dig the song. It is just time for another song to be chosen. Seriously.

Now, this song will be stuck in my head for the next hour. So, I'm passing on my pain to you. You're Welcome!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Don't call us, we'll call U!


The NFL Dream Team Eagles Get Caught Sleeping

Michael Vick Espn.com
Michael Vick  Espn.com

Michael Vick Espn.com

You wanted the bulls-eye you got the bulls-eye.  It was only a preseason game but it lead off Sportscenter.  The NFL dream team the Philadelphia Eagles got beat by the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-14 in a game where Michael Vick threw 3 interceptions in the first quarter.  It's only preseason though right?  Kinda like Allen Iverson n practice.

The Miami Heat of the NFL is showing us something, even if it is preseason.  They are showing us there is a pretty good chance they are not going to handle the pressure of being the most hated team in the NFL.

I am going to say it loud and clear; the Eagles are overrated.  Take it from a Dallas Cowboys fan who had to hear for the past 3 of 5 years that the Cowboys are going to be Super Bowl favorites only to see that star get smacked off the helmet year in and year out.

The Eagles come off as such douchebags that the Patriots are being ignored and loved, all at the same time.  Tom Brady gets the supermodel wife and Ocho Cinco?  Michael Vick was already in hot water this week when Vick  said he wanted to sign with other teams and not the Eagles, but Goodell lead him to Philly.  Sounds fishy.  What if they actually win the Super Bowl?  Already karma is working against them.

The Green Bay Packers are built to get back into the playoffs and defend their championship.  The NFC East where the Eagles are at?  It will be the Cowboys coming out in that division.  They have a new head coach in Jason Garrett who has 2 super bowl rings to motivate Romo, Whitten, Austin, Dez, Felix, Choice, Ware, Spears, Ratliff and more.

It was only preseason but if you can't handle a preseason game being the target, how can you handle the regular season?  See me in January and let's see if the Eagles are still being talked about in the Super Bowl.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Keep Dreaming


Are You Ready For Some Football?

NFL Logo
NFL Logo

NFL Logo

Football season is here...finally.  I have some thoughts and predictions to share with you and I want to know your favorite team. Mine is the Dallas Cowboys and they are going.....nowhere.  Here are some other predictions and things I am looking forward to;


Hear. Me. Out. You can knock Bon Jovi all you want but you know they have more hits than an adult film site. They have earned their due and if they are not the Halftime Show this year, it will be highly disappointing. The boys from Jersey baby.

THE MADDEN CURSE LIVES: Troy from the Pittsburgh Steelers is on the cover. He is out 6 weeks and it is a painful injury.

BRETT FAVRE's CONSECUTIVE GAME STREAKS ENDS SOMETIME THIS YEAR: Favre's record will fall as he will get hurt.

DETROIT LIONS WIN FIRST GAME IN WEEK 3: The Lions will beat the Washington Redskins week 3 and upset the Bears in week 4. Just watch.

TOM BRADY WILL BE TOM BRADY: The New England Patriots will be the team they were before Tom left. Speaking of which, when do you win 11 games and miss the playoffs? Wow.

FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Aaron Rodgers. You guys are going to laugh now but the guy is going to get you over 30 td's and 5-7 rushing td's. Packers are scary. Super Bowl scary.

MICHAEL VICK WILL START A GAME FOR THE EAGLES: When was the last time McNabb was healthy for 2 years in a row? Just sayin'.

AFC DIVISION WINNERS: New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, (Wild Card: Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills)

NFC Division Winners: Dallas Cowboys (not really but it's my team!), Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, (Wild Card: Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers)

You won't believe who I have in the Super Bowl but one of the teams will have my fantasy football player of the year on it.

WEEK 1 UPSETS: Carolina over Philly, Jacksonville over Indy, San Francisco over Arizona.

I am doing this for fun, so you guys can give me some hell over it, but a lot of what I say will happen. Peace! Bon Jovi in 2010 baby!-Dr.FB

(Good luck to everyone's team!)


Breaking News! Ben Roethlisberger Has Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Him

Ben Roethlisberger. Photo: Static.com
Ben Roethlisberger. Photo: Static.com

Ben Roethlisberger. Photo: Static.com

In a shocking announcement, Ben Roethlisberger, the Super Bowl MVP last year, has had sexual assault charges filed against him.

It was filed in Nevada last Friday but just started hitting the news wires late last night.  Ben's lawyers feel the timing of the lawsuit is fishy.

For more on this developing story, go here.-Dr.FB


Pittsburgh Steelers Beat Arizona Cardinals! Win 6th Title.

Amazing?  Yes

Unreal?  Yes

Unforgettable?  Yes

Crazyness?  You better believe it.-Dr.FB