Sofia Vergara Versus Madonna

Sofia Vergara.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Sofia Vergara. Photo: GettyImages.com

Sofia Vergara says she has natural beauty and rather have that than plastic surgery. 

What person does she mention while slamming plastic surgery?  The material girl herself, Madonna.

"L.A. is crazy. The women all look the same now. That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they're fooling? It doesn't make them look young. You end up looking like a freak."


Now, despite saying that Sofia Vergara is considering getting breast reduction despite her mom saying "God will punish her" if she does.

Mom, I'll punish her if she does that.  I got this one. 

All joking aside, what do you think of Sofia's comments regarding plastic surgery and bringing up Madonna's name?-Dr.FB


Heidi Montag Makes Fun Of Her Plastic Surgery

We almost did not post this due to Spencer Bratt Pratt being in it. Here is a funny or die video of Heidi Montag making fun of her plastic surgery she has had.

It's funny now, yes. A few more surgeries....it won't be so funny.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

P.S. Director Ron Howard shot the video.


Pageant Pays For Miss Cali’s Boobs

Miss Carrie PreJean File Photo
Miss Carrie PreJean File Photo

Miss Carrie PreJean File Photo

WTF?  How crazy is this?

Miss California Co- Exec. Director, Shanna Moakler admits the "Organization" payed for Miss Cali's, PreJeans boob job.  Carrie had her surgery just weeks before the USA Pageant. 

So plastic boobs are okay for a beauty pageant?  I thought Pageants are suppose to be an expression of natural beauty and intellect.  Oh yeah, its a BEAUTY PAGEANT!!