Jerome Benton Of The Original 7ven To Debut New Play In Minneapolis

Jerome Benton has been a member of The Time/The Original 7ven over the past 30 years. He has also been a play-writer and will be debuting his new play “HIIH” in Minneapolis this summer. In an interview with FOX 9, he talks about “HIIH” which is short for “I Want To Go To Heaven Because […]

Hugh Jackman Gets Caught In A Steady Rain

Our friend G at according2g took this photo of Hugh Jackman and sent it to us to share with you. He just say the play “A Steady Rain” and even did a a review of it so if you would like to read it, please go hereĀ and support him.-Dr.FB

Spotted….Jeremy Piven

While out in West Hollywood last night, I saw a pretty hot girl about to get into a Range Rover in front of a sushi place and who was getting into the drivers seat but Jeremy Piven! Wait…wasn’t there some deal of him having bad sushi in New York or something that made him drop […]