Jerome Benton Of The Original 7ven To Debut New Play In Minneapolis

Jerome Benton & Morris Day.  Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive.  Photo: C.B.

Jerome Benton has been a member of The Time/The Original 7ven over the past 30 years. He has also been a play-writer and will be debuting his new play "HIIH" in Minneapolis this summer.

In an interview with FOX 9, he talks about "HIIH" which is short for "I Want To Go To Heaven Because Hell's Too Hot".

"‘I Want to Go To Heaven Because Hell's Too Hot' -- it's a morality play," Benton explained. "It's about false freedom a young lady who's out there bad. She's turning all the spiritual light off in her life. It raises the hair on your back, creates goose bumps. It'll put a tear in your eye."


Jerome also talks about if people will be disappointed in the play with him not portraying the image of the side-kick and mirror holder. I will say this; those that know Jerome and are fans of Jerome, will not be disappointed.

Jerome comes from a good place. With the name change (Which is not even a focal point of the story, wow! What a concept.) and with Jesse Johnson leaving the Original 7ven. He is genuine. That is part of his charm.

According to Fox 9, Tickets go on sale in late June. The play is set to hit the Pepito's Parkway Stage in Lake July. Benton does plan to continue performing with The Original 7ven and currently spends his time between Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Much Love & success on this Jerome. Miss ya man.-DocFB

Diagnosis: From "side-kick" to center stage....

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  1. is original 7ven performing anywhere? i LUV condensate and (and everything else by the time) and have been dying to see these guys on tour…?

  2. This is great! Thanx Doc. Much love and success to Jerome.

  3. Very happy for Jerome. I wish I was in Minneapolis so I can go check the play out.

  4. The Original 7ven are great. The Original One is the Greatest.

  5. I meant from Joy and Happiness to c u !

  6. Just LOVE IT LOVE IT so GREAT! to hear Jerome Benton spreading a LOT of HOPE and Spirituality in this new play. I Hope it’s a BIG SALE N tha Twin Cities. Do YO THANG Jerome!!

  7. LOL

    TEar from laughing ?

    Here (Ear) I come !

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