Polar Bears

Where’s The Beef? Who Cares! These Polar Bears Eat Veggies And Like It

As a meat eating animal, you wouldn’t expect a polar bear to get excited over fruit and vegetables, but surprise these bear loves their veggies. Who needs seals, they got broccoli 🙂 Polar bears at theTokyo’s Ueno Zoo were determined to get to the fruit and vegetables on offer – even if they were enclosed in blocks of ice. […]

Polar Bear Cubs Ventured Out Just In Time!

Look at these cuties!!! How adorable are they?  These two where born on December 14, 2007 at the Netherland’s Ouwehands Zoo.  This morning, for the first time, they ventured out into the zoo’s main polar-bear enclosure. I’ve gotta say they have perfect timing. Today is the day the U.S, Norway, Canada, Russia, and Denmark will […]