This Is It In Theatres: Will You See it?

So Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” is in theatres starting tonight. Elizabeth Taylor has seen it and says it is the greatest movie of all time. You hear that Kanye. All. Time. We think Liz is a little senile for thinking that for how many classics she has been in, but whatever. What really matters […]

Drfunkenberry Goes After TMZ

I am little peeved when I look at TMZ and I see 2 stories on their front page that were here 1st. One of them the Michael Jackson song not being original and then the 2nd being the Obama poll of if he really deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is my This Is It […]

Bruno Opens This Weekend? Will You See It?

Sacha Baron Cohen’s 1st movie since “Borat” opens this weekend entitled Bruno. It appears it may not be as funny as Borat was but still worth seeing. The question is, will you be seeing it this weekend? [poll id=”10″] Happy voting and stay cool this weekend.-Dr.FB