Lindsay Lohan Gets Jail Time!

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

Lindsay Lohan was in court today and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab probation. Lindsay sobbed she “did the best she could” but with a few dui’s, a drug possession stop fumbled, and missed classes for alcohol abuse, the judge ruled that Lindsay must serve time. Truth be told, […]

Tyson Could Be Facing Up To 5 Years In Jail

Mike Tyson’s LAX incident where he hit a pap about 4 times, could be getting a lot worse. It appears that Iron Mike could be violating his probation of a cocaine bust in Phoenix in 2007, where had 3 years probation.¬† if files are charged by the pap, Tyson could be looking at time behind […]

Mel Gibson With Beaver; Asks For DUI Charge To Dropped

Mel Gibson is on set of his new movie, “The Beaver”, which is being directed by and stars Jodie Foster. Mel will walk around in the movie wearing a beaver puppet on his hand. Interesting Mel took this role. On another note, Mel Gibson will be asking for his DUI charge to be removed because […]

Chris Brown Sentenced

Chris Brown was sentenced¬† to his 180 days of community service and felony probation for 60 months. He will be able to do his community service in his hometown of Virginia. The judge did go off on Brown a few times and he has to enrol in a 52 week program for domestic violence entitled […]