Are Kanye & Jay Z Battling For “The Throne” Now?

Kanye West & Jay Z File Photo
Kanye West & Jay Z File Photo

Kanye West & Jay Z File Photo

Even though Kanye West and Jay Z showed up to their listening party last night, we are hearing there is trouble over the "Watch The Throne" CD and tour.  Even Kanye had to admit there is something going on.

Kanye said "Yea, we are butting heads a little bit but it is all good."

What is causing the trouble between the rap duo?  According to this New York Post article, it is over the upcoming tour.  Today, they had to shuffle tour dates.  There were to be 2 shows in October at L.A. Staple Center but now there will only be one show and in December.

Kanye wants the tour to be an all out visual effect well Jay Z is trying to keep productions costs low and make his money through his Live Nation deal. 

The post reported: "Jay is a stone-cold businessman. He wants to recoup all of his money from Live Nation. But Kanye wants to upstage rock stars with a blowout show. He doesn't care about costs. He has a lot less to gain from the shows."

We smell trouble.  Jay Z had a problem when touring with R. Kelly several years ago and Kanye was to tour with Lady Gaga last year but it did not happen, perhaps due to the Taylor Swift heat still or his own ego that Gaga may upstage him.  So that's one failed tour for each but at least Jay-Z's did get off the ground.

The Cd "Watch The Throne" drops next Tuesday as a digital release on I-Tunes.  As for the tour, right now, although tickets went on sale, I would hold my breathe.-Dr.FB

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Video Premiere: Ace Hood “Go N’ Get It”


Here is the latest from Ace Hood.  The video "Go N' Get It" deals with Ace Hood and his problems and how he has to deal with it n what he is going to do.

People think he is the future of rap and underrated.  I don't know.  Not sure if I am sold on the flow.  He chooses the selling of the CD's instead of robbing the joint, so that's good.   Showing there are different ways to handling things.  Perhaps the cop car at the end showing nothing to do with him, shows that it could have ended differently if he did try to rob the place.

Check out "Go N' Get It" from Ace Hood.-Dr.FB

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