Psych Ward

Micha Barton Out Of Psych Ward

Micha Barton is out of the psych ward and the hospital and is going about her life. She even will be returning to work on Friday filming “The Beautiful Life” for the CW. Let’s be honest here; if the MJ coverage was not still going on, this story would have been HUGE. A young starlet […]

Mischa Barton’s Psych Ward Trip Brought On By Drug Binge & Going Broke

Mischa Barton’s friends think she was going to kill herself earlier this week, causing her friends to call in the police and have her dragged from her home. Since then, the former “OC” star has been locked up in the 5150 psychiatric ward at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. The always unrespectable New York Post is saying that she is close […]