Purple Ticket Winners At Prince’s Pad Talk

As stated earlier, a few purple ticket winners partook in an evening at Prince's pad in the Hills for  a sneak peek at the new lotusflow3r.com website. Here's a sampling of their impressions of the site's inner workings:

"Absolutely breathtaking." "Exploratory, fun and interactive." "I can't wait to get into it and explore all the things about it."

"Playful. Engaging."  "The (video) quality will be a fan's dream"

and of the evening in general, all were in harmony saying it was an experience they'll never forget.

(We hear that the people at the house party were able to see what the web site will be looking like soon in all it's glory.  Stay tuned and we want to thank the purple ticket winners and others for sharing this with us).-Dr.FB