NEW Video: Brandy Featuring Chris Brown “Put It Down” FUNK It Or DUNK It?

Here is "Put It Down" by Brandy featuring Chris Brown. It appears at times it's a battle of who can show more skin and Chris Brown wins this contest.

Judging by comments on our Facebook Fan Page, you are disappointed that Brandy hooked up with Breezy and the song you "put it down" in many ways.  We are assuming this is still because of what he did to Rihanna, obviously.

Still it seems , Breezy is in high demand and Brandy needs a hit.... desperately.

Smart move?  Check out the video and let us know.....

To FUNK it or DUNK -DocFB


Video Preview! Brandy Is Back With Chris Brown With “Put It Down” Watch Now!

90's singer Brandy is back with "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown. A 30 second teaser video has been released of the video and it is from Brandy's upcoming album.

Wearing hoops that would make Sade blush is Brandy with a shirtless Brown dancing in the background.

Brandy's new album is called Two Eleven and will debut October 2nd.

What do you think of Brandy hooking up with Chris Brown?-DocFB