Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Covers Glamour; Talks McDonalds

Rachel McAdams. Photo: Glamour Magazine

If you thought Rachel McAdams was too pretty to work at McDonald’s, you would be wrong. In the latest issue of Glamour, Rachel is on the cover and admits to working there. McAdams. McDonald’s. yea, I guess now, we kind of see it. The actress told Glamour about working there; Yeah, for a good three […]

Rachel McAdams Is Timeless

Rachel McAdams recovered from her horrendous dress earlier last week by wearing a great purple number to “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and she looked great.  She was covered up and it just looked better. Her new movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” did not take the number 1 spot this weekend but may have legs.  […]

Rachel McAdams Needs To Go Back In Time

Rachel McAdams is usually a straight up hottie. From her role in “Wedding Crashers” to “The Notebook” and in “The Time Traveler’s Wife” she looks hot as well. When does she not look beautiful? Well, that dress wasn’t doing her any favors last night at the premiere. Not. Feeling. It. At. All. What about you?-Dr.FB

“Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. on Oscar ‘Irony’

Robert Downey Jr. spoke with USA Today about his Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Tropic Thunder as Oscar-obsessed actor Kirk Lazarus. “It’s so funny to me that the role is a guy who is an Oscar-seeking moron. His whole motivation is Oscars,” he says, “Irony is synonymous with pretty much everything that […]

Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gossling Call It Quits….Again

The chapter ends on this story of the Notebook as on again off again on again couple Ryan Gossling & Rachel McAdams appear to be off-again. The couple reconciled early last month and were trying to make it work.  They met on set of the Nicholas Spark’s novem the Notebook and have been together since. […]