Randee St. Nicholas

Prince Is Everywhere

Prince has been all over recently. For good and bad.  The bad first.  From being heavily misquoted in the New Yorker to a lawsuit from Revelations, the perfume maker of the 3121 fragrance, which Universal Music has already said the lawsuit is without merit. Also, he has been all over in good ways.  A cartoon Prince was […]

Prince talks! Yahoo exclusive!

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081023/ap_en_ce/books_prince Prince continues to chart his own course   By Nekesa Mumbi Moody   NEW YORK – At a celebration/concert for Prince’s new book, late night had turned into early morning, the bar was closing and party organizers were deciding what decorations to pack up first. But Prince was still on stage — and still […]

Prince Of All Trades

Our sources are telling us that Prince has been in L.A. putting the finishing touches on several upcoming projects; A LIVE CD to be included in his first book entitled 21 Nights A Photo Essay, by Randee St. Nicholas….A DVD of his recent COACHELLA stint is in the works as well as a duet with Bria […]