Rated R

Rihanna Goes From Rated R To PG


Rihanna did a photo shoot on Valentine’s for her CD “Rated-R” and the shoot took place in Sydney, Australia. She looks more innocent in these photos than the sexy image she has been portraying since last summer.   Sometimes Rihanna, covering up is not a bad thing.  I like the photos but let’s be honest Riri, […]

Rihanna Releases New Single; To Talk About Chris Brown Incident

Rihanna is set to talk with Diane Sawyer for Good Morning America and an extended interview for 20/20 on Friday and she will talk about Chris Brown and what happened on that fateful night.  On the heels of that, with Rihanna’s first 2 songs off her Over RatedRated R CD due later this month sucking […]

Rihanna Drops New Song “Wait Your Turn”

Rihanna’s 2nd track from Rated R got “leaked” and it is more whack than Russian Roulette. Wowsa. The hook has Rihanna saying the “Wait Is Ova” but it has me saying  “I’ ll be like Tony Romo and pass” and wait for something else. We are talking music here, not stuff going on in her […]