RedFoo Puts Miley Cyrus In A Suitcase For EMA’s….And She Survives

Redfoo Photo Still From Sexy & I Know It

RedFoo will be hosting the MTV EMA's this year live from Amsterdam and he had to get by airport security while having Miley Cyrus in his luggage. Warning...her tongue makes yet another appearance!

RedFoo strips down to his mankini yet again, showing more skin than Miley.

The show will air on Sunday November 10th at 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time On MTV.-DocFB

Who will wear less: Miley or RedFoo?


LMFAO: We Are Getting Sued & We Know It

LMFAO Promo Photo
LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO are being sued for $7 million dollars by their former managers.

The uncle and nephew  team of Stefan “Redfoo’” Gordy and Skyler “SkyBlu” Gordy, have been sued by bosses at personal management company RPM GRP, who state  the band signed a deal with them in 2008 but later disregarded  the contract and hired two of the firm’s former employees to manage them instead.

The lawsuit was filed in Santa Monica and served to Redfoo yesterday before taping "American Idol" and he posed for a picture with the legal papers.

“LMFAO has thanked the managers who took them from ’0 to 60′ by throwing them under the tour bus (i.e. firing them). Instead of hiring new managers, LMFAO then poached two employees of the original managers, hiring them on a salary instead of paying a commission to the original managers.”

We trust there is nothing to LMFAO about the papers but we have a feeling they will still be party rocking no matter the outcome.-DocFB