Renee Zelwegger

Bradley Cooper & Renee Zelwegger Are Still Flying High

Hollywood “It” man Bradley Cooper & Renee Zelwegger were seen together at a Vancouver Airport.  Renee was there to visit Bradley while he films “The A-Team” there. From onlookers on who saw them on dates during the week, they are very happy together. Could Bradley be getting serious about Renee?-Dr.FB

Bradley Cooper Is Getting Ready For “Valentines Day”

“The Hangover” stud was getting ready for “Valentines Day” yesterday.  “Valentines Day” is the title of Bradley Cooper’s movie he is filming. When it comes to the real V-Day, we have a feeling Bradley won’t have to worry about it being a happy one. In the past 2 weeks, Bradley has been linked to Renee […]