Robert Downey Jr.

Lindsay Lohan Heading Back To Jail As She Fails Multiple Drug Tests

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot Photo

Lindsay Lohan better get used to the orange jail scrubs again.  She has failed 2 drug tests and one of them was for cocaine. Guess that rehab center that said she only needed 30 days and not the full 90 was way wrong. First Lindsay denied it then Friday night she went on a Twitter […]

Johnny Depp Puts On The Jammy Jams

Johnny Depp. Photo:

Johnny Depp, Mr. Man, is in Venice, Italy where he is filming “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie.  No, Angelia did not dare him to get ready to jump in his pj’s but it is actually a scene from the movie.  Speaking of stunts, we hear that Depp stopped a mugger from ripping off his friend […]

Robert Downey Jr. Is Red-Carpet Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. & Gweneth Paltrow. Photo: Matt Sales.

Robert Downey Jr. attended the L.A. Premiere of “Iron Man 2” which is slated for release May 7th. They are already talking and thinking of Iron Man 3 in 2012-2013. You gotta hand it to RDJ though.  On the red carpet, he is dashing and quite debonair.  The stache looks a little dyed but still……is […]