Wow. Former Prince Protegé Tries Out For X Factor

Sigh. A former Prince protegé tried out for X Factor last night. No, it wasn't Tevin Campbell.

We had a Prince impersonator last week and this week an acutal former protegé of Prince's.  At this rate, Prince will be on the show by the end of the season.

Robin Royal aka back in the early 90's known as Robin Power, tried out for X Factor last night. For 45, her body was still banging. Her voice, however. No. Well, she was to be a female rapper for Prince and we now know why.

You could tell Simon, L.A., and Paula were hoping for something good out of Robin aside from her body...and they didn't get it.

She seemed gracious and didn't trip out.  Check out her audition above and please forgive me trying to hold in my laugh at the 24 second mark.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Number 1, Or Nothing At All.....(The Purpleheadz Will Understand...)